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2010 Telly - “We Promise”

(Client: St. Margaret’s Episcopal School)

2010 Telly - “Taxin’ Jackson”

(Client: Meridian Pacific)

2010 Tellys - “The Eichlers of Orange,” “State of the City, Orange, 2010”

(Client: City of Orange)

2007 Telly - “Jobs Crisis” & “Whopper” 

(Client: Meridian Pacific)

2007 Telly - "Hate to Lose," “Jobs Crisis,” Whopper” 

(Client: Warrior Wear)

2006 Pollie - “Jobs Crisis”

(Client: Meridian Pacific)

2006 Telly - "Community Improvement Projects"

(Client: City of La Mirada)

2005 Aegis - "Every 15 Minutes"

(Client: City of La Mirada)

2004 Communicators - “Full House” & “Big New Truck”

(Client: Fletcher Jones Toyota)

2004 Communicator - “When Money Talks, The Truth Is Silent”

(Client: County of Orange)

2004 Communicator - “Lifetime Achievement: Jane Seymour & James Keach”

(Client: Chapman University)

2002 Communicator - “Chapman University: Biological & Physical Sciences”

(Client: Chapman University)

2002 Communicator - “Cornerstone Village: A New Beginning”

(Client: City of Santa Ana)

2002 Communicator - “Paving the Road Toward Tomorrow”

(Client: City of Orange Public Library Foundation)

2000 Joeys - “Achieving Dreams with Literacy”

(Client: Anthony Michael Hall Literacy Club)

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