Jeff Cole Productions brings ten years of experience, and over two dozen national awards competing with top industry professionals.

Our strong track record of successful projects on a variety of budgets, for large companies like Hewlett Packard and Grubb & Ellis, to boutique agencies, to community organizations, means our core creative and production team is 100% focused on our clients message and needs.

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An award-winning production company, Jeff Cole Productions offers complete development, production, and post-production for demanding clients. At the helm, a dynamic creative team infuses new-breed thinking and multi-talent versatility to bring a new kind of production to screen. Production that doesn’t compromise creativity, no matter what your budget may be.

Count on us for innovative content creation and execution.  Jeff Cole Productions is a creative workhorse - writing, directing, producing, shooting, and cutting every project in-house - empowering every client to achieve their unique objectives.

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